Founders Dog Park: Serving all those who love dogs and value the Founder's Park off-leash dog exercise area

Who We Are is made up of dog owners who love and use the off-leash area at Founders Park. Our goal is to advocate for the continued existence and improvement of the dog park. We are fortunate that the City has consistently recognized the value of the Alexandria dog parks and gave us responsibility for maintaining and improving it. In June 2011, we signed an innovative, first-of-its-kind Volunteer Maintenance Agreement with the City. That's the good news. But this also means that dog owners are now responsible for the dog park, so we really need your help!

What we do

Golden Retriever in baby poolAs stewards of a public dog park in the heart of Alexandria, we are dedicated to maintaining a beautiful and safe play area for our community of dogs, dog owners, and neighbors. We sponsor ongoing clean up efforts such as the monthly Scoop The Poop and have worked closely with the city to enhance the beauty and safety of the dog park. In the past year, working closely with the city parks department and a landscape architect (and dog owner), we installed two new benches, a water fountain (for people and dogs) and planted five new trees -- all paid for with private funds.

In addition to acting as stewards to maintain and improve the dog park, we educate dog owners and the public about the important role off-leash dog parks play in the proper socialization and obedience training of dogs – this in turn makes them better pets and neighbors, safer in their interaction with other people and dogs, and less likely to be abandoned to a dog shelter. Since our inception, we have testified before the city council about the importance of dog parks to Alexandrians as the city embarks on its waterfront master planning process, we co-sponsor an annual fundraiser for the local animal shelter, we've been at the Alexandria Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings educating dog owners about the park and "Pet-etiquette," and we've organized social events that bring the community together.

We are committed to innovative public-private partnerships that lessen the financial burden on the city as well as practices that are environmentally sensitive and sustainable.

Board of Directors

Cathleen Curtin (President), Sally Tamm (Director)

Join Us in our efforts to improve and maintain Founder's Dog Park!